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Business Management

USBC United States Bookkeeping Bookkeeepers

  • Benchmarking
  • Business Valuations
  • Cost Studies
  • Equipment Analysis
  • Capital Budget

Bookkeeping and Accounting


  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Outsourcing
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payroll Processing
  • Tax Compliance

Small Business Consulting

Self Employed Small Business Bookkeeping Consulting United States Bookkeeping

  • Performance Management
  • Forecasts and Business Plans
  • Marketing Support
  • Ratio Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

The Team

United States Bookkeeping Company

United States Bookkeeping Company


USBC is an expert in all areas of accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, payroll, QuickBooks and small business services. We provide you with Nationally Chartered professional bookkeepers who can assure your financial records correct, accurate and up to date.

We are more than just bookkeepers; we include consultation hours in all our packages. Guaranteeing you a complete understanding of your financial wellbeing currently and projections and planning for your future.

United States Bookkeeping Company

Sharon Dubois, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, General Manager

Sharon has been at the helm of our management team since we started. She specializes in QuickBooks and is a QuickBooks Pro-Adviser. There are only two of them in the world with this certification and she has a bat-phone directly to QuickBooks headquarters if anything is needed.  Sharon also specializes in forecasting, planning, compliance and structuring. She sees the big picture in every situation. 

USBC Bookkeeper Bookkeeping NACB Chartered Bookkeepers Certified Bookkeepers

Certified by the NACB

What does this mean to you? We are the only company certified by the NACB. This certification comes with extensive knowledge in Quickbooks, reconciliations and small business consultation. As chartered bookkeepers we must maintain a perfect reputation for quality and professional services, training and security.